Crazy Cats Redux by Linda Ravenscroft

£19.99 - £24.99
Crazy Cats Redux by Linda Ravenscroft

Wow what a collection of Crazy Cats from the inspiring artist Linda Ravenscroft.

This is a magical collection of fantasy cats in purrfect poses to delight everyone that loves the feline species.

This special edition has been updated to include new artwork not previously available, as well as new features giving you the ability to combine images into scenes and unique compositions before printing your final design.

This fabulous collection we hope will inspire you and your children by kick starting your imagination in the world of fantasy that has fascinated artists and writers for centuries.

Linda is keen to let you have this wonderful and original artwork to help you create your very own unique handmade greeting cards that will inspire friends and family to be more creative.

The CD contains many excellent card making techniques including Decoupage, Toppers, Insert & backing sheets, gift bags, plus a range of calendars. We have also included our unique 3D viewer to show your decoupage sets before printing.

A full help file is included on this CD.

This ‘Crazy Cats’ CD will also allow you to learn how to draw, using any of these amazing crazy cat designs by simply printing out your image and then trace or copy from Linda’s extensive source guide.

‘Welcome to my family of crazy cats’ - Linda Ravenscroft


USBs now available in cases: £24.99

This brilliant little stick allows you to load up the software much faster than by using CD / DVD. No more waiting for the CD / DVD drive to load the image you want to use.

The stick even comes with 1GB of spare storage space for you to use for your designs - two sticks in one! Instead of putting a CD in your CD / DVD drive, you just put this stick in a USB slot on your computer.


Minimum Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 10
1.4Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
1366x768 Resolution
CD ROM Drive

Although the interface is not Mac compatible, all images are accessible through the CD


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