Fairy Gemstones Redux - by Linda Ravenscroft

£24.99 - £29.99
Fairy Gemstones Redux - by Linda Ravenscroft

This unique collection of Linda Ravenscroft 'Fairy Gemstones' is available once again, now in this stylish DVD offering. This A-Z of Gemstones collection, illustrated with Fantasy Fairy artwork from Linda Ravenscroft, contains 36 original gemstone designs intended to convey the charactervtistics of each gemstone being represented.

There are in excess of 6,000 individual items that can be printed including the unique 3D viewer which will allow you to visualize your decoupage card prior to printing, giving you the option to alter the colours of various elements, so no two cards need ever look the same.

Each DVD has the following features.

Decoupage, Cameos, Verse Toppers , Shaped Toppers, Verse and plain bookmarks, Backing sheets, Insert sheets, writing papers, envelopes, calendars, plus all the original master artwork and our unique 3D Viewer feature.

Fully Illustrated Help file with all you need to know.


Minimum Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 10
1.4Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
1366x768 Resolution

Although the interface is not Mac compatible, all images are accessible through the DVD


Orders will be dispatched on 13th July