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One of the first CDs in our range. We've managed to restock this very popular item from our archive.

This CD ROM allows you to create stunning card designs using a wide selection of original Tatty Button images. A simple click and drag technique means you can effortlessly create cards, decoupage, and pyramage sheets, topper sheets and more. It also includes a whole host of gorgeous matching backing papers, card inserts, and envelopes.

Born the first daughters for many generations to a family of Irish button makers, members visited from far and wide to bestow gifts upon the tiny child...but the most important and precious gift was that given by her Great Great Grandfather.. an old tatty wooden button... said to be the first button ever made by the family.

As the mother carefully attached the button to her daughter's romper suit, the child was known from that day on as Tatty Button.

To this day Tatty wears that button with pride, pinned to her favourite dress, and believes it holds the love and proud rich history of her ancestors. It gives her the strength and courage to follow her dreams, and live a wonderful, adventurous life.

Tatty lives with her family on a pretty small holding in the green and lush Irish countryside


Minimum Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 10
1.4Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
1024x768 Resolution
CD ROM Drive

Although the interface is not Mac compatible, all images are accessible through the CD