Our software & Angel Policy

We pride ourselves on creating intuitive software that's easy to use, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

With focus on User Experience, we're able to include hundreds of features - allowing you to customise your card in infinite ways - without having to endure complex menu systems.

Included on all of our CDs are cutting sheets ready to print.

Card Creations Plus+: Includes 25 designed cards with changeable colours.

The Card Hut: Includes Image Composer where you can design your own cards, toppers, artwork and let the software create matching inserts, envelopes, and backing papers. Each of the elements can have the colours changed and effects applied (glow, shadow, blur, transparency) adding even more customisation options for you to explore.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Print sheet images can be accessed on Mac but the software itself cannot

Angel Policy

Our software grants you the right to sell anything you personally create from the images contained within it.

This policy protects the craft industry by ensuring that crafters who want to sell their handmade products can. It also protects our artists, ensuring that they can continue to provide artwork for you to use.

The images contained within the software which we supply are copyrighted. This means that they may not be copied without permission. To help protect the rights granted by these copyrights, each handcrafted item created for sale must be personally and individually made by the selling artist.

Handmade projects may be sold at permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events, community fundraisers and over the internet. The seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally created by the seller and not a product of the company.

Projects may include but are not limited to: Creating cards from card templates, use of designs in paper craft, and applying printed images to product blanks.

The digital files contained within our software may not be re-sold under any condition. You may not print and sell individual papers or decoupage images, nor may you copy or sell the CD-ROM/USB.

Mass production, assembly-line construction and production by workers for hire is strictly prohibited.

The images which we supply may not be used for the purpose of creating logos, clip art, digital artwork and blog banners or company trademarks.

Participants in this Angel Policy assume all liability for suitability of their work.

If you would like to make a postal order, please use the contact page and we will be reply with available options